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Tithemi is a faith community of people who are passionate lovers of Jesus. We exist to be a spiritual core for a move of God in restoration of our region, our nation, and the nations of the earth. Being completely committed to the goodness of God, we live to demonstrate His goodness in every way possible through a supernatural life style and ministries of mercy.
Senior Leader
"Love doesn't just believe the best in people, it hopes the best and celebrates achievements that we would also want."


I. God is Good and Jesus is Perfect Theology

II. Nothing is Impossible

We follow a God of miracles, both big and small. We represent a supernatural kingdom. The power of God is without limit or restriction. Jesus commanded that we heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, cleanse lepers, calm storms, feed the masses, move mountains, and make disciples of all nations. As His disciples, all we need is faith to partner with Jesus in making impossible things happen. Simply put, Jesus said, "nothing will be impossible for you."
God's goodness is not unknowable or uncertain. God is a good father, who gives good gifts to his children. We maintain that God seeks to display extravagant love for people in every situation. Jesus is the ultimate representation of the Father and Holy Spirit. His actions and words depict the heart of God with complete authority. If we have a question about the nature of God, or how he interacts with humans , we need not look any farther than Jesus. He is perfect theology. He is both the way to God and God himself. Who better to seek?


IV. Each Person is Significant

You are a essential piece of the Body of Christ. His beloved. Friends of God. So now, to undermine a piece of that body is to undermine Christ and His sacrifice. If a person is willing to engage the Spirit of the Lord, to befriend Him, then that person has become indispensable to the purposes of God. His command given to us to do the impossible and represent His Kingdom was a stamp of His approval and a command of honor and significance. It has always been God's plan to work through human agency. Nearly every significant move of God has been ushered in by people. In fact, God wants to restore people and nations, and He wants to do it though you! 
This means everything. The finished work of the cross is not to be overlooked or discounted. When Jesus was crucified, all at once He provided atonement for all sin, offered eternal life, gave us access to the Father, and to the inheritance of God. The Hebrew idea of salvation also meant freedom from sickness and death, salvation from physical enemies, and a right to peace of heart. Every need you have has already been bought for you. Do you need forgiveness? Do you need healing? Do you need wisdom? Just ask, and it's yours because of the direct path Jesus has made for us to the Father.