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The Tithemi Healing Room (open the first Sunday of month) is staffed by volunteers trained to heal the sick and infirm, and those trained in creating and sustaining an atmosphere in the presence of God. As a community, we believe that God continually operates in healing our illnesses, and wishes to heal all people by a prayer of faith, because of his kindness towards man. It is our goal to provide an encounter with Jesus, resulting in broken bodies being made whole, and people from all walks of life being introduced to God. 

The Healing Room is free for anyone. No charge will be made, no payment taken. There will be an opportunity to give anonymously if someone wishes. People can come by appointment or walk-in. 

We will not be dealing in depth with, for the most part, any emotional issues. This is said with the understanding that many physical sicknesses may be a result of unresolved emotional issues. Tithemi has teams trained in SOZO inner healing ministry, and appointments can be made for that at a later date. 

When the Healing Room is open, the focus will be on healing the sick in an atmosphere of faith, expectation and celebration through prayer, intercession, art, music, and dance. There will not be any traditional message, or form of counseling given. 

We are not, nor do we claim to be doctors. We will not give any form of medical advice, even though some of the volunteers may have some form of medical training.