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Growth is investing in your potential. Giving you space to invest in your potential is our goal at IAC. We want you to find out who you are and who you were made to be. Start investing in your potential to be the best version of yourself personally, spiritually, relationally, and professionally.
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Eric Gregson is a business owner,  supernatural teacher at the Welton Academy and the senior leader of Tithemi.  His passion for ministry and the market place drives him in bridging the gap between church and business as he and his team work to be a spiritual core for a move of God in the restoration of their region,  nation, and the nations of the earth.
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Hey everyone! I'm Hannah. Tithemi has been my church home for 6 years. I am a wife to Eddie, who is just the most beautiful creature. I am pursing teaching and life coaching. I am an INFJ and constant improvement is what I'm all about. I deeply value understanding and self reflection. I have a great conviction to serve a greater good. I am a dreamer capable of taking concrete steps to realizing my goals and making lasting positive impact. Finding a greater understanding of who I am has brought me to life and I am in constant awe that God created me so intricately. I am proud to be who I am and find so much joy in the pursuing a deeper knowledge of myself. 
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Jesse Mountjoy is an unashamed math nerd. He studied pure mathematics and education at the University of Redlands and dove headlong into a career teaching 7th grade at Paakuma K-8 in San Bernardino, CA. After meeting Jesus, sorting out life with people and connecting them to their passions is his ultimate day job. After work, he is a husband, softball and soccer coach, and aspiring author.

16 Personalities: “The Commander” ENTJ-A
Strengths: Self Assurance, Belief, Ideation, Learner, Restorative
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